An Interview with Marian, a patient of Dr. Johnstone’s

An interview with Marian J., a patient of Dr. Johnstone’s who recently visited ROI. She shares about her experience at Rainier Orthopedic Institute and with Dr. Johnstone in a short interview.

1) What did you notice when you walked into Rainier Orthopedic Institute?

On my initial visit to Rainier Orthopedic Institute I noticed the light, airy, calming environment.  At that time, I decided that much thought had gone into trying to make a patient’s first perception of the clinic a positive one.

2) If you are comfortable, would you mind sharing why you were seeing Dr. Johnstone?

In the past Dr. Johnstone had treated me for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Tendonitis in both wrists.  The outcomes for both treatments was positive, so when I was diagnosed with Cellulitis in my right forearm/elbow my rheumatologist recommended that I see Dr. Johnstone about x-rays of the bones and joints near the cellulitis.

3) What was the outcome of your appointment? Do you feel good about it? 

As part of the Cellulitis, I developed a raised lesion near my elbow.  Dr. Johnstone wanted me to come in again so he could evaluate the lump.  He followed up with treatment until he was certain that the infection causing the lump and cellulitis was gone. 

4) Would you recommend Dr. Johnstone to your friends and family?

I would highly recommend Dr. Johnstone to my family and friends.  I am so very confident in his ability to diagnose and treat patients in a kind, caring manner.

5) What was the best part of your visit that day?  

The best part of my visit was when Dr. Johnstone looked at my hands and asked how my wrists were doing.  I consider empathy to be an outstanding and necessary trait for a great doctor!! 

***Thank you Marian for your time to this interview. If anyone else wants to share about their RO experience. We’d love to hear from you. You can always email:***