The Oil Behind Rainier Orthopedic’s Machine: Teri Miller

The mission of Rainier Orthopedic Institute is to provide unsurpassed medical care through servant hood, commitment and skilled orthopedic excellence. Our staff strives to deliver compassionate and ethical treatment to our patients.

There is a great team of people who make Rainier Orthopedic Institute function successfully. From the Physician’s Assistants, nurses to billing, everyone makes this place such a great place for you to receive your orthopedic care. There is one person particularly important to ROI’s function, however. You could call her the boss, because without her, Rainier Orthopedic Institute would have a hard time. Teri Miller is the administrator at ROI, and she is our next highlighted staff, because without Teri, the doctors wouldn’t be able to function at the capacity that they do.

A few things are important to know about Teri. First, she has been with Rainer Orthopedic Institute for 37 years! Before she worked at ROI, she spent some time as a hairdresser. She notes that this taught her to be a good listener – one of Teri’s best qualities and an important one as the administrator at ROI.

Teri can never remember the punchline of a joke, and even if her joke-making abilities don’t make her proud, her kids sure do. Both graduated from colleges in Washington state, moved away for some time and are now back living in Washington (one in Seattle and one in Vancouver). Her kids bring her so much life, and they also provide her with 1 grand-dog and 2 grand-cats!

In order to stay active, Teri likes to walk, hike and do palates. And if she could choose anywhere to hike, it would be in Hawaii because she has tons of family there!

When not saving the world at Rainier Orthopedic Institute, Teri enjoys spending time with her family. She loves Italian food and if she tried out for America’s Got Talent, her talent would be cooking – be sure to invite her to all your potlucks!

Teri is the oil behind the machine that is Rainier Orthopedic Institute. She keeps these doctors in line and the office running smoothly. She helps ROI live out its mission and is a huge asset to ROI. We hope you enjoyed getting to know a little bit about ROI’s Administrator. Be sure to say hi if you see her running around the office while you are in for a visit!