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Super Mom – Super Doctor – Dr. Megan Charboneau

Dr. Megan Charboneau has been in practice for 7 years. Moving from Wisconsin, two of those years have been with Rainier Orthopedic Institute.

Dr. Charboneau has two little ones that keep her very busy. She has a three year old daughter and 1.5 year old son. Her little girl is quite the chatterbox and is becoming very independent with lots of, “I can do it by my own self.” Her son adores his sister and is mom’s snuggle buddy. He gives the best hugs. Gushing about her kids, Dr. Charboneau ends with, “Hearing their little feet run my way each day when I get home from work always puts a smile on my face.

It’s always refreshing to be reminded that doctors are normal people too. In talking about exercise, Dr. Charboneau notes that spin class is her favorite. But relating to others who find themselves parenting, she notes that “Since having little ones, my activities have changed. They now include family walks, hikes, bike rides and running around parks.”

As previously noted, Dr. Charboneau is from the Midwest so it makes sense that when asking about food she says, “I’m a Midwest girl so I love a good steak, and don’t forget the potatoes. Our church dinners and family holidays always featured chicken’n’dumplings and dressing, which I learned to make from scratch. These are now becoming part of our Northwest Christmas dinner tradition.” Sounds like we all might want to join them for Christmas dinner!

When I asked about talents, Dr. Charboneau replied, “Does baking a cake count? I am happy in the kitchen and enjoy trying out new recipes, especially for cakes.” During the fall she tried out a three-layer pumpkin cake with pecan pie filling and cinnamon cream cheese icing. When she told me this, my mouth watered!

Dr. Charboneau doesn’t stop with baking, parenting, cooking and hiking. She tries her hand at many other things as well. She said she has a never ending to do list and usually gets a wild hair to add things to it that are a bit outside of her skill set. As such, she’s learned a lot of “how to’s” and many more “how nots”. She’s dabbled in refinishing furniture, building herb gardens, painting, homemade pasta, sewing Halloween costumes, and crafts with the kids.

It’s fun to see what doctors do on when they aren’t in the office. Sounds like Dr. Charboneau does a bit of everything – on top of being an amazing mom, wife and doctor. Be sure to check out the fun pictures of her little ones!