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Doctor of the Week: Dr. Neal Shonnard MD

Dr. Shonnard is our featured doctor this week on our Rainier Orthopedic Institute (ROI) blog.

Let’s start with the facts. Dr. Shonnard has been practicing medicine for 27 years, and he has been with Rainier Orthopedic Institute since its formation in 2004. Thank you for all your years of service in the greater Puyallup valley, Dr. Shonnard!

A few, fun facts about Dr. Shonnard:

1) He loves to laugh. He says that instead of making others laugh, he does the laughing, especially around his comedic in-laws.

2) Dr. Shonnard recently went to Italy where the food and views were amazing. Since his favorite food is Italian, he was in food heaven. He said that while that was one of his favorite trips ever, nothing will ever top when his family took a horseback riding trip in the headwaters of Yellowstone National Park. Talk about an adventure!

3) He is a grandpa to one and has a second one on the way! Dr. Shonnard has one grandson, George, who is 19 months and described as Dr. Shonnard’s “fishing pal”; second grandson is due in January.

4) When asking Dr. Shonnard about exercising, he had a whole list of ways he and his family like to stay active. If riding horseback in Yellowstone wasn’t enough, he also enjoys fly fishing, tennis, kayaking, sailing and skiing.

5) When I asked Dr. Shonnard what his talent would be if he tried out for America’s Got Talent, he said, “I enjoy playing guitar, although it would be a stretch to call my playing a “talent”! Maybe you can encourage him to play around the ROI office sometime!

One of my favorite quotes from Dr. Shonnard was what he stated when asked what he believes the best way to prevent injury is. He said to “stay fit, be adventurous and forgive.” I thought those were pretty great words of wisdom.

When Dr. Shonnard isn’t busy saving lives (or spines and joints) at the ROI office, he volunteers at church and likes to participate in any church outreach events that help those in need. I hope you get to spend time getting to know Dr. Shonnard when you see him at ROI. He is one of the best and will give you great care for your total joint needs. Thanks for taking the time to read about another one of our wonderful doctors at Rainier Orthopedic Institute.