Monthly Archives: September 2013

September: 8th Annual Total Joint Luncheon

On Sept. 4th, ROI held their 8th annual “Total Joint Luncheon.”  Every year ROI invites all of their patients who have had total joint replacements from mid-August of the previous year (2012.) Patients get a chance to share their experience and talk to the entire team of ROI staff that were involved with their surgery and rehabilitation; Surgeons, Physical therapy, and Hospital staff attend.

Patients send pictures in advance and ROI makes a slide show of things they are now able to do, after having a successful surgery.  This particular group of patients were amazing!  There were pictures of everything from bike riding to zip-lining!

In total there was around 180 guests that enjoyed a delicious catered lunch and performances by the Paradosi Ballet Company.

ROI friends and family all enjoyed the many laughs!

Thanks for helping to remind us of why we do what we do.